Welcome to the 16ᵗʰ Global Conference on Ageing

27th– 30th June 2023
in Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Be a driver of change to help influence and shape policy that improves the quality of life of current and future generations of older people.



With the call for abstract closing on 28 April 2023, scheduling of the full conference program will take place from 1 – 12 May 2023. Times, dates and room allocations will be available the week of 15 May 2023.











The IFA’s 16ᵗʰ Global Conference on Ageing is a colloquium were you will have the unique opportunity of connecting with diverse stakeholders around the world to share and learn from leaders in the field of aging, nurturing leadership, hearing diverse voices and creating space for meaningful engagement.  This conference is dedicated to NGOs, industry, academia and older people interested in changing and improving the lives of older people.

Our challenges need reframing, repositioning and responses that represent a cross-sector cross-discipline approaches. Be part of this conversation that will help share our future. Join the IFA and learn more about the five key themes: digital technologies, older women, maintaining and improving function, immunisation, and age-friendly environments.


The following five key themes (digital technologies, older women, maintaining and improving function, immunisation, and age-friendly environments) constitute the structural pillars of the IFA’s 16ᵗʰ Global Conference. This year, the conference is expected to attract more than a thousand delegates around the world across governments, NGOs, industry, academia and older people.

Digital Technologies and Practice

Ensuring integrated care, through technology, for older people reflects a continuum of care to help reorient health and social services toward a more person-centered and coordinated model of care that supports optimizing the intrinsic capacity and functional ability of older persons.

Older Women

Older women suffer significant gender and health inequities. In both developed and developing worlds, older women continue to endure the consequences of poor nutrition, as well as inadequate access to health care and support systems.

Maintaining and Improving Function

The key to healthy ageing is the maintenance of function across the life course and prevention of frailty.¹

Immunisation for All Ages

Now more than ever, there is a need to ensure that recommended national immunisation plans based on sound epidemiological evidence is framed by ¹ expanded prevention strategies and central component of universal health coverage ² and more.

Age-friendly Environments

Physical, social and economic environments are important determinants of healthy ageing and powerful influences in the experience of ageing and the opportunities that ageing offers.

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The IFA encourages partners, colleagues and leaders in the field of ageing from around the globe to sumbit proposals under any of the five key themes for consideration in the programme.  The deadline for abstract submission is April 28th 2023


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The IFA is delighted to know you are coming to Bangkok to share your expertise and showcase your research or simply to learn, network and discuss bold ideas.

Thank you for help driving the change. See you in Bangkok 2023!



The IFA is excited to have you at the 16ᵗʰ Global Conference on Ageing!

Please remember the following dates.

Last day of Early-bird registration fees

27 January 2023

Deadline for the pre-conference masterclass/workshop submission

28 April 2023

Deadline for abstract submissions

28 April 2023

First day of the 16tᵗʰ Global Conference on Ageing!

27 June 2023

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