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The 17th Global Conference an Ageing is built on a unique partnership between the IFA and North-West University and convened 27 years since the 3rd IFA Conference in Durban, South Africa and some 20 years since the establishment of the South African Care Forum.

For more than three decades the IFA Global Conferences on Ageing have attracted delegates from government, NGOs, industry, academia and across

all fields of public health for powerful conversations that fuel action to improve the quality of life as part of protecting and advancing of the rights and dignities of older persons.

It is timely to return to the African continent as their young population start to embrace the future.  Today there are some 75 million people in Africa aged 60 years and over, and this will quadruple to around 235 million by 2050.  The rise in the number of older people in Africa, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa, will be sharper than for any other region and age group in the world.

In Africa, older people hold profound cultural significance as repositories of wisdom, tradition, and community cohesion.  Their invaluable knowledge, passed down through generations, serves as a guiding light in decision-making, conflict resolution, and preserving cultural heritage.  They serve as mentors, imparting essential life skills and moral values to younger generations.  Their revered status embodies the interconnectedness of past, present, and future, enriching African societies with a deep sense of identity and respect for older persons.

IFA and NWU are working to create a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, bringing together activists, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world.  Through shared insights, innovative research, and best practices, this forum aims to facilitate the co-creation of strategies and solutions to address the multifaceted challenges of ageing.  By uniting efforts, the conference embodies a commitment to fostering societies that honor the dignity and rights of people of all ages including older adults, promoting global solidarity and progress in healthy ageing.

About The International Federation on Ageing

IFA drives the agenda of the world’s population ageing, so every older person can live their life to the fullest in a society that respects their past, present and future contributions.

IFA recognize the invaluable contributions that older adults make to society and the unique challenges they face as they age; Through advocacy, research, and programming, IFA strives to promote the rights, dignity, and well-being of older adults globally. IFA works collaboratively with governments, organizations, and individuals to address ageism, ensure access to essential services and supports, and create environments that enable older adults to live healthy, active, and fulfilling lives.