General Instructions

Delegates wishing to submit an abstract for the IFA 17th Global Conference must first register for the conference; however, payment is not required at this time.

The deadline for all submissions is 30 April 2025. Abstracts will be reviewed on rolling basis with a notification issued within one week of submission.

All abstracts will be reviewed by members of Program Committee and assigned to the appropriate session for a paper, symposium, workshop or poster presentation.

Preparing and Formatting an Abstract:

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • No references, tables or graphics should be included in the abstract.
  • When using abbreviations within the body of the abstract, please spell out the name in full at first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parenthesis.
  • It is the responsibility of the author to ensure abstract text does not contain any typos or grammatical errors. The IFA and NWU will not be responsible for any errors published.
  • No changes can be made after the abstract deadline has passed.
  • Please familiarise yourself with the important dates section and the submission guidelines below before sending in your abstract.

Submitting Abstracts:

Abstracts must be submitted through the Abstract Submission Form below.


Paper presentations may share academic research, policy analysis, program evaluation and case studies, innovative practices, professional development, critical analysis, ethical considerations and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

  • Abstract must be under one theme only.
  • 150-200 words for abstract.
  • 10-12min stand-alone presentation.
  • In a session with up to five other presenters.
  • Q&A after all presentations.

Submit your abastract using the form below.

A symposium is a structured session that provides a comprehensive body of information including study results, viewpoints and experiences.  The session is designed by several speakers and intended to provide delegates with more in-depth knowledge and perspectives on a single issue/topic.

  • Abstract must be under one theme only.
  • 150-200 words for session abstract and each presenter abstract.
  • 60min – 90min duration.
  • 4 – 5 speakers.
  • Q&A follows all presenters

Submit your abastract using the form below.

A workshop is an opportunity for a group of interested delegates to be engaged in intensive discussion and activity on a particular topic.  A workshop can feature educational material with a particular focus on emerging trends, promising practices, applied research and replicable programs.

These sessions may be structured in a form of a crafted panel, a dialogue or debate, case studies and interactive activities.  A workshop has the following characteristics:

  • Abstract must be under one theme only.
  • 150-200 words for session abstract.
  • 45min – 60min duration.
  • 2 or 3 speakers.

Submit your abastract using the form below.

A poster presentation is designed to allow the presenter to have a static image of text and graphics describing preliminary findings from research or published papers, description of programs or their activities or other creative work completed in the field related to a conference theme.

Posters will be presented on poster boards at the conference and it is expected that at least one author will register and attend the conference and be available to talk with delegates during scheduled timeslots.

Submission Rules of Poster Abstracts:

  • Each poster abstract can only be submitted under one theme or sub-theme.
  • The area provided for poster presentation will not be more than 0.95 meter (95 cm) wide by 1.2 meter height (120cm).
  • The title of the poster should cover the full width of the poster and be brief, informative and written in bold letters.
  • The sizes of the letter should be such that a viewer can read it from 2 meter distance.
  • The poster should include the paper title and all authors at the top of the poster.
  • A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions as appropriate, and references should be presented in a logical and clear sequence.
  • Explanations for each graph, picture, and table should be included.

Submit your abastract using the form below.

Abstract Submission Form